Communicate trust by using a custom email for your business

A minor element like an email address may appear insignificant. However, having custom email addresses for a business has proven to display professionalism and credibility, making it easier for customers and clients to trust and engage with your company.

Custom @yourbusiness

Your custom email gives your business an instant sense of credibility. It portrays the image that you are established within your industry.

Flexible pricing

€0.49 per user per month also includes 5GB of storage, 24/7 support, and more. Easily add domains or upgrade to more storage when you need it.

Reach your target

Email are sent and received on SSL encrypted connections. With a 10/10 spam tester rating, our email services are guaranteed to hit your target's inbox.

Keep your business organized

A custom email gives you control over your email system, allowing you to set up custom email addresses for different employees and departments. This improves organization and makes it easier for customers and clients to contact the right person within your company.

Build a professional image

A custom email address that matches your business name creates a memorable and recognizable brand identity, making it easier for people to associate your business with your email address. If you use a free email account, such as or, instead of a custom email address, it could harm your brand's image.

Using a custom email address is a crucial component of creating a professional image for your business. It shows your customers and clients that you take your brand seriously and that you are committed to presenting yourself in a professional manner.


Stay protected from spam

Using a custom email address for your business is not only a way to create a professional image but also an effective way to keep your business safe from spam. A custom email address, unlike a free email address, provides more control over your email communication, making it easier to filter out spam messages and protect your business from phishing attempts.

Usable on all your devices

Our custom emails are easy to use on any devices or operating systems. It doesn't matter if you are on your phone, tablet or computer. Our custom emails work great with desktop clients like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Afforable pricing

Our custom email is a better choice for businesses compared to using expensive email services like Gmail or Outlook. With our custom email, you can have a professional email address that uses your company's domain name for a fraction of the costs.

99.9% guaranteed uptime, 0% planned downtime

Having a custom email improves the reliability and performance of your email system, ensuring that your emails are delivered quickly and without disruptions. Investing in a customized email is essential for any business.

Frequently asked questions

Can I request more custom email addresses?

Yes. You can request an unlimited amount of personal emailaddresses for your domain. We also provide you the option to create forwarding aliases.

How do I request a new custom mail address?

This is as simple as getting into contact with us and making your request. We will create the email for you and add the costs to your monthly hosting costs.

How do I set up the custom email on my other devices?

Depending on the device and software you use, you can set up your email using the email settings we provided.

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