This is written without taking any responsibility or even acknowledging business results. Of course, it is easy to merely assume there has just got to be revenue or return on investment. That takes your eyes off precisely how much a website contributes to business in pragmatic terms.

Not brand awareness. Not getting out there. Not bullshit metrics. Money generated. Profit.

Some ill defined good thing is always assumed because a web site is easy. Generating business results is hard. If there is a chance you can get away with the sleight-of-hand you can just build a site any old way. And evade responsibility.

Return On Investment is not a "don't ask, don't tell" proposition this year.

How about mobile friendly design, responsive? Always promised to boost mobile traffic, never does a web dev track mobile revenue. It's just assumed more traffic will generate more results. And who really cares what the results are, right?

Have you ever seen any designer show a case history responsive design doubled revenue? Ever see anyone credibly track and authoritatively assert responsive design practices increased anyone's revenue at all? They could do so. They won't because then it gets business owners asking a lot of inconvenient questions.

They don't discuss results. They discuss what colors you like. Online's world of extreme caveat emptor isn't interested in your customers and generally only think of their customer in isolation -- that's you.

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