Introducing Always Online™

Posted 16-11-2022

Once your website is up and running the way you want it, everything is great—until it isn't.

Whatever precautions you take, if a server your website is hosted on has unexpected downtime, there is little you can do to bring your site back online. The system is down.

By enabling Always Online on all our sites, we provide a simple web page caching and delivery protocol as a backup measure for unexpected web server downtime, ensuring that there is always a version of your site online even if parts of it aren't working.

Usually, when a website displays an error page, visitors will immediately abandon ship.

If your website performs critical business functions, you cannot afford to be down when a server fails.

By creating a cache for each page on your site, Always Online for your website adds an important backup layer to your site infrastructure. When a visitor attempts to connect while your web server is unavailable, this cached page is delivered to them. These cached pages are served with the help of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

While cached pages may have limited functionality, your customers can still access your website.

Always Online is included in all our hosting packages without extra costs

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